Eating an authentic Valencian paella


Valencia, unsurprisingly, is the best place to go for paella. Lots of tourists come to the city to eat authentic paella!! But note, that many restaurants are touristy and don’t offer a real paella!!…

I’ m a local Valencian and as always I eat paella at home every Sunday…a delicious homemade paella cooked by my mum!!!…The local Valencians usually eat paella at home but take note about the best restaurants to eat authentic and delicious Valencian paella!!:

La Malvarrosa

La Malvarrosa (the beach) is one of the favorite places for tourists to eat paella without leaving Valencia. There we will find dozens of restaurants (some very well-known) whose main dish is precisely that: the Valencian paella. However, despite its popularity, this area may not be the best for true lovers of the Valencian paella. If you decide to eat here I recommend: L’ Estimat, La Marcelina, La Rosa or La Pepica.

The city center

In Valencia the best paellas are usually far from the center but Casa Roberto (Calle del Maestro Gozalbo, 19) is the exception, a classic. It’s expensive but really good!

Around Valencia – Cullera /  The Village of El Palmar / L’ Horta Nord

1. In Cullera, a seaside town, 45 kilometers south of Valencia, It is Casa Salvador (Carrer Accés a l’Estany), favorite restaurant by people like the Chef Ferran Adrià. It’s located at an idyllic place. You’ll try ​one of the best paella in the region. However, to get there you may need the GPS, it is not easy to find it!


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